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Welcome to the documentation for GateKeeper! We will get you started with GateKeeper in minutes!

An Overview

GateKeeper consists of two parts: A JavaScript object which defines the custimisations of the consent banner and an external script which is added to the head of your website. The script will load the banner and the object will define the banner’s behaviour and design.

1. GateKeeper inline script (Optional)

The inline script defines the custimisations of the consent banner. Its optional and if you do not add this, the banner will use the default settings. The inline script defines the customCmpConfig object and needs to be placed before the external GateKeeper script. The following settings are available:

        customCmpConfig = {
            privacyUrl: "",  // URL to your privacy policy (string)
            dialogAccentColor: "", // Accent color of the banner (string)
            dialogBackgroundColor: "", // Background color of the banner (string)
            dialogTextColor: "#", // Text color of the banner (string)
            howAcceptNecessaryButton: false, // Wether to show the "Accept Necessary Cookies" button (boolean)

2. GateKeeper external script (Required)

Add the following script tag to the head of your website after the inline script:

<script src=""></script>

3. Example

The following example shows a complete implementation of the Gatekeeper banner with custom settings.

  <!-- GateKeeper script beginning -->
        customCmpConfig = {
            privacyUrl: "",
            dialogAccentColor: "#15630F",
            dialogBackgroundColor: "#FFFFFF",
            dialogTextColor: "#181717", 
            howAcceptNecessaryButton: false,
    <script src=""></script>
    <!-- GateKeeper script end -->


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