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GateKeeper Consent Management Platform

GateKeeper is a free, fast and easy-to-setup Consent Management solution for GDPR.

Get Started in 3 min!

TCF 2.0 Framework

GateKeeper is TCF 2.0 accredited by the IAB. We constantly keep the code up to date with new changes to the respective legislations

Fast by default ⚡️

Small payload and asynchronous loading of scripts allows GateKeeper to have minimal impact on page rendering or Core Web Vitals. In fact - you won't notice a single drop of your Pagespeed Insight Scores!

Multi-Language Support

By default GateKeeper contains the translations for 10 languages and you can add as many as you like!

Over 1000+ Vendors

GateKeeper comes pre-equiped with all IAB Vendors + all of Goolge's additional consent vendors!


You can fully custimize GateKeeper as much as you like or use one of our recommended templates!

Free to use

GateKeeper is and will remain a free product. It was developed by the Team @Ezoic but you don't need an ezoic Account to use it!